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TSCC Packaging specializes in providing in-house corrugate casing services of glass bottles.

We assist our customers in all stages of the design process, from deciding materials, sizes, layout, and artwork, to printing. We also ensure the optimization of packaging and the reduction of in-transit damage. The Company is investing in the latest fully automated case packing equipment to provide its customers with the ability to case pack their products in a large variety of cases, formats, sizes and configurations.

Our packaging system and Supplier Partners enable us to design practical, innovative and sustainable solutions that eliminate any risk of product damage and ensure that these arrive in perfect condition at their destination. As a specialized firm solely focused on corrugate packaging material and casing of glass products, TSCC Packaging is committed to raise the bar for those customers that need cased glass containers and bring a whole new level of service and price transparency to the glass container industry in the United States.

Customized packaging

Awesome Features

Our state-of-the-art machines and technologies allow us to process boxes of customized height, width and depth.

Types of boxes

We produce a variety of boxes with different opening techniques and structures. The customer can choose between boxes such as Carrier, Content, Regular Slotter Container (RSC) or All Flaps Meet (AFM) depending on the product and its commercial need.


The boxes can have various configurations and styles of partitions that protect the glass products and reduce their movements during transit, minimizing the risks to your business.

Corrugated types

We have a variety of high-quality corrugate and fiberboards with different flutes and point thicknesses to ensure the protection of the glass products.


We understand that packaging is a marketing tool in itself. That is why we offer our clients the personalized design and printing service of the boxes that ensure an optimal presentation of the products.


Our clients can also choose the base color of the materials used to produce the boxes: Kraft, Mottled White, White, Kemi Board, etc.

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